There are many benefits to massage therapy such as improving circulation, relieving muscle tension and helping to eliminate stress to name just a few.



Do you suffer from muscle cramps and spasms especially in your lower back, neck, hips and legs?  Then you will benefit from a pregnancy massage.  You will be positioned and supported with a pregnancy pillow and padding for your comfort and safety.  Pregnancy massagehas been found to relieve aches and pains in muscles and joints, reduce anxiety and decrease swelling in the arms and legs.


Sport massage is not just for athletes; it is also beneficial for tradespersons, landscapers, mothers and anyone doing physical strenuous work.  Regular sport treatment can help prevent injuries, assist with rehabilitaion and increase flexibility.


A paramedical massage using various techniques to focus on treating posture imbalances, muscular aches and pains and aiding in restoring function to injured soft tissues (muscles, tendons and ligaments).


General relaxation is promoted by using lots of long flowing smooth movements to improve circulation and relieve muscle tension while you relax and unwind.


Additional massage techniques are available: Deep Tissue, Cupping, Shiatsu etc....



  • Copeland College of Massage Therapy Graduate

  • Health Rebate Accredited.

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